Ergonomic Assessments and Strategies

Workplace Ergonomics

Back Safe-Sit SafeErgonomics is the applied science of designing and developing equipment, workstation layout and work strategies to best suit and protect the human body. The goal of ergonomics is to minimize fatigue, discomfort, injury and emotional stress.

It’s important to recognize that even the most ergonomically correct environment will not prevent repetitive stress injuries if the body is simply overworked. The body has limitations with what it can withstand. Surpassing those limitations will most definitely result in injury.

Dr. Graham is a certified ergonomic industrial consultant and he has contracted for many large companies for the purpose of improving work place efficiency and decreasing lost time due to injury. Two of our more popular programs are outlined below.

Back Safe™

Back Safe is a unique program provided for employers to their employees in an effort to prevent lifting and bending injuries at both the work place and at home. Unlike other ergonomic programs Back Safe not only provides a classroom-learning portion but also a fun and interactive obstacle course that emphasizes all the correct lifting and bending techniques taught in the course. Each employee must pass the obstacle test at the end of class. The 2-class program provides immediate take away experience from the obstacle course as well as course materials and recommendations for stretching and strengthening. The cost per employee is extremely reasonable and years of feedback have indicated that employees truly enjoy the program. Back Safe has been shown to be extremely effective in reducing employee absenteeism as well as the overall costs associated with low back pain. Back Safe is a true win-win for both employers and employees.

Sit Safe™

Sit Safe is a program that is designed more the benefit of the sedentary office worker. This 2 class program emphasizes the importance of the correct ergonomic set up of the work station, provides strategies for changing poor sitting habits as well as at desk exercise that the employee can perform to eliminate fatigue and discomfort. Class 2 is personal hands on instruction at the workstation and ergonomic correction of the individuals own desk set up. Energetic and comfortable employees are clearly going to be more productive and happier.